Review: Stitch Fix #13 (or the one where my husband writes the review)

Each time I get a Stitch Fix, my husband shares his witty opinions. He was on fire this time, so I decided to let him take over the review. Without farther ado … Jazz Embroidery Detail Blouse ($58) “This looks like a top to go to Mad River. It’s basically just asking people to look at your …

StitchFix #16 (or the one where they didn’t listen to anything I asked)

Another day, another StitchFix (technically, it’s two words — Stitch Fix — but pretty sure everyone under the sun spells it as one word). After the last one and sending back the shirt because it had a hole, I was feeling pessimistic but decided to give SF another chance. (Maybe I’m a masochist?) I asked …

UPDATED review: Stitchfix #10 (or the one where I can’t decide)

  UPDATED: Includes my comments, your comments, and what I kept. I can’t believe this is my 10th Stitchfix (<– referral link). They still feel so new and exciting! (Want to read about my past nine Stitchfixes? Click here.) When I peeked online, I was excited to see three sleeveless tops and two dresses, which sounded …

Help Dana decide which Warby Parker glasses to keep!

My co-worker and friend, Dana, ordered Warby Parker glasses and needs help deciding which ones to keep. Just like when I receive Stitch Fixes, I want to harness the power of the Internet to help her. Without farther ado … which pair should she keep? Any feedback is appreciated!

Assessing my 2013 goals

Rather than make lofty resolutions, like “work out more,” I’ve turned to making goals for the past few years. They’re categorized, specific, and (usually) attainable, which keeps me on track. Here are my 2013 goals with assessments of how I did. (Grab a snack because this is a long list.)