5 life lessons learned from Mom

Growing up, I always thought that my mom was really nice, but she was a mom—moms were supposed to be nice. Now, as an adult, I see my mom as a person and realize what a remarkably kind person she is. She’s also funny, wise, interesting, and has taught me many life lessons. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are a few:

  1. There is nothing wrong with buying generic. I cringe thinking about all of the times that I grocery shopped with my mom was I was younger and insisted that we only buy the brand name products. I was so sure that they tasted better than their generic counterparts. Now, as a bill-paying adult (who clips coupons, just like Mom!), I know that it’s all the same.
  2. Stop to help the little guy. Once, when driving into town, my mom spotted a turtle in the middle of a busy street. Rather than just assume that he was a goner, Mom pulled over, stopped traffic, and moved him off to the grass. Turtle population: +1, thanks to her.
  3. Don’t disregard the thank-you note. As children, my siblings and I always had to write thank-you notes when people gave us gifts. As much as I love technology, a handwritten note is still a lovely thing to receive.
  4. Don’t just talk; take action. When I was in high school, my neighbor’s house burnt to the ground in a horrible fire. Fortunately, no one was home, but they lost everything. My mom immediately sprang into action and started raising money from everyone in the neighborhood. I don’t know how much it was, but I imagine that gesture was priceless to the home owners.
  5. Respect—and reach out to—your elders. Mom used to work in a nursing home and has a natural way with the elderly. She has invited widowed neighbors to dinner and stopped by their places on Thanksgiving. She will happily listen to anyone tell his/her life story.

Thank you, Mom, and happy Mother’s Day!

Mom buttoning me into my dress on my wedding day
Mom buttoning me into my dress on my wedding day

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