Currently loving …


  1. B’More Organic drinks. The very kind Andrew at B’More Organic reached out to me about reviewing B’More Organic’s line of products*, and I excitedly agreed. Who wouldn’t want to drink something with tons of protein and very little sugar? As a runner, the products were really intriguing to me. Each product is packed with 15-23 g of protein per serving. And the kicker? They taste good. Yes, they’re a little sour, so I couldn’t drink them solo, but with a meal? Definitely.
  2. Thought Catalog. I can’t get enough of this website. They constantly have awesome lists, like “15 Death Row Offenders’ Last Words Before Execution” and “20 Moments That Make 20-Somethings Feel Old (Even Though They’re Not).” I find myself using quotes from the site or sharing links all the time.
  3. House hunting. It’s happening! More to come on this one. We’ve seen some doozies. Asbestos tile? Check! Another thing that I’m loving in relation to this? The end of our lease! We’re going month-to-month, and it’s such a relief to know that we’re no longer locked in to that place. (Steve and I have a pact: Anything that happens in the tiny little galley kitchen—that also houses our washer/dryer—doesn’t count toward our marriage. Small kitchens make you angry.)

Want to know what else I love? Check out my last “Currently loving … ” post. Anything you’re currently loving?

*Yep, the smoothies/shakes from B’More Organic were free, but my taste buds cannot be bought.


2 Replies to “Currently loving …”

  1. The B’More Organics intrigue me. I saw them in Whole Foods the other day and considered trying one, especially because I’m on a big juice/smoothie kick. Also, I, too, am obsessed with Thought Catalog. Sometimes I feel like it’s a much smarter and wittier version of what’s going on in my head.

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