review and FREE box for you! review

Have you heard of It’s another monthly subscription box full of—you guessed it—goodies! Food goodies, to be exact. The service is still in beta, but they’re doing an awesome job. Each month, I get a box packed full of 5-7 food items to try. Many are full size, too! Quite a few are healthier options, as well.

You’ll receive your box of Goodies starting at $7/month (SO inexpensive!). Try all of the snacks hand-picked by the Goodies Co. team, and be sure to review everything. you earn points and it helps them to receive the feedback. When you hit $300 points, you receive a free month or can use the points to shop the store. I’ve already received a free box just from reviewing!

Since I’m such a “loyal customer,” Goodies offered me a promo code for a free box that I can share with my lovely readers. You just have to use promo code PSsJ6kXrP and subscribe by July 25 for the August box! (No, there’s no referral perk in it for me.)


2 Replies to “ review and FREE box for you!”

    1. Yep! Per the site: You can cancel your subscription any time in the Subscription Management section of your account. Please note your cancellation request must be made before 11:59 PM PST on the last day of the month, otherwise you will be billed for the following month’s Taster’s Box.

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