WIN tickets to the Maryland State Fair!

Who couldn't love this guy?
Who couldn’t love this guy?

Caption this! Really, just caption this photo and you could win tickets to the Maryland State Fair. I have four (4) tickets and two (2) wristbands to give away! Tickets grant you entrance to the fair and the wristbands give you unlimited rides. Tickets are worth $8 each and wristbands worth $23 each.

So yes, just come up with something introspective/witty/charming for this pic. I’ll choose two winners (each will receive two tickets and a wristband) on Tuesday, August 20. You can comment here, tweet me, or comment on my Facebook, Instagram, or G+ posts,

You have to be 18 to win and live in the US. And be a nice person. I like nice people.

(P.S. You can find the Maryland State Fair all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.)

4 Replies to “WIN tickets to the Maryland State Fair!”

  1. Keep dreaming! You know I’ve got you beat in all competitions! You might as well turn around and go on home!

  2. Look at me. I’m beautiful. All will flock around me and my beauty. You know I’ve got you beat in every competition so you might as well turn around and go back to the pasture you came from. It’s all mine. (fixed spacing issue) LOL.

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