Printable race-day packing list

Race-Day Packing List

Saturday is race day! I’m into the thick of packing and made this list to make sure that I have all that I need. If you’re getting ready for race day, feel free to use it for yourself. A few notes:

  • Check the temps! I definitely don’t need gloves/hat on Saturday, but I wanted to to be a year-round list.
  • Throwaway clothes: Have a crappy shirt that you don’t mind losing to wear to the line. Take it off right before the race starts. Most races donate them.
  • Post-race clothes: I like to have a few things to change into for after the race. I put them in my …
  • Bag-check bag: Most races have bag check, sop you can toss your phone, keys, extra clothes, etc. in a bag and they’ll hold it for you. Lines can be long, so leave time to account for it.
  • Flip flops: When I run 13 miles, I normally want to kick off my shoes ASAP.
  • Toilet paper: Sometimes they run out in the Port-a-Pots. Just sayin’.

Do you have any race essentials that aren’t on my list?

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