24 hours in Raleigh, NC


I recently spent a day/night in Raleigh, NC for OrderUp‘s launch party. Any time I visit a new place, I try to soak in as much as possible in the time that I’m there.


I started at the SPCA of Wake County — made famous for this video — to donate food to both the humans and animals for our Hungry Heroes campaign. We donated enough dog food to feed the pups for a week! Plus, I met Nick, who totally stole my heart.

SPCA of Wake Co

I reached out to food bloggers Meg and Cece at Food Diary of a City Girl for food recs and hit up Joule, one of Top Chef alum Ashley Christensen’s establishments and enjoyed the Cobb salad.

Joule Raleigh

Joule Raleigh

Joule Raleigh

Joule was the beginning of my tour of Christensen’s Raleigh. Next was Fox Liquor Bar, where our launch party was held. I cannot say enough about the venue, the staff, and the drinks. We had an amazing welcome to Raleigh!




Another perk of travel is catching up with friends when I’m in their cities. This time, I met up with Ryan, a friend who I’ve known since kindergarten, at a third AC place, Poole’s, which everyone recommended.

Poole's Raleigh

I look pregnant here but swear I'm not.
I look pregnant here but I AM NOT.

The next morning, I walked around Raleigh for a bit and stopped at The Morning Times for breakfast.

The Morning Times Raleigh

The Morning Times Raleigh

The Morning Times Raleigh

Until next time, Raleigh!

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