Review: Stitch Fix #13 (or the one where my husband writes the review)

Each time I get a Stitch Fix, my husband shares his witty opinions. He was on fire this time, so I decided to let him take over the review. Without farther ado …

Jazz Embroidery Detail Blouse ($58)

Stitch Fix review

“This looks like a top to go to Mad River. It’s basically just asking people to look at your boobs. And it’s like you’re in a gang. It looks like a big gold chain.”

Brentwood Jersey Stripe Tiered Top ($68)

Stitch Fix review

“Oh, they finished the back! I think they forgot to finish the front; it’s just in pieces. Do you think they forgot to sew the pieces in the front?”

Mallorca Henley Top ($48)

Stitch Fix review

“My grandma had a couch like this. We sat on it.”

Northridge Cowl Neck Jersey Top ($68)

Stitch Fix review

“Are we in New York? Are Snuggies and blankets as shirts a thing now?”

Curtis Dolman Sleeve Knit Top ($48)

Stitch Fix review

“Red Bull gives you wings! But really, I think we could use rubber bands to pull up in the sleeves.”

I told him that I’m keeping the black top.

“That’s ok; we have black spray paint.”


9 Replies to “Review: Stitch Fix #13 (or the one where my husband writes the review)”

  1. Given that my husband once told me my black and white nautical stripe blazer makes me look like the Hamburglar, I’m thinking we either need to stop asking our husband’s for fashion advice or get them together to start a fashion blog. I would kill for their post-award-ceremony commentary…

  2. My favorite: “My grandma had a couch like this. We sat on it.”

    Is the black top the only one you kept (I hope)?

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