Guest post from my husband: The 5 best pranks I’ve played on my wife in 5 years of marriage

The 5 best pranks I've played on my wife in 5 years of marriage

I was writing a post about what I’ve learned in five years of marriage and I asked Steve to share his thoughts. Instead, he wrote about the five best pranks he played on me in the past five years … and it was better than my post. (One tip: I may always have a good way, but it’s not always the only way.)

Take it away, Steve.

  1. Fake snake in the bathtub: Renee hates snakes. Her reaction was priceless. She went from a scared/shocked face to an “I’m going to kill you” face pretty quickly. I don’t know what happened to that snake, but best Dollar Store purchase ever.
  2. Air horn while hiding in the bathroom: Click here to see the video of her “I’m going to kill you” face in action.
  3. Scotch tape on the bathroom door:  I’m very proud of this one.  I placed the tape perfectly without measuring. As soon as she stepped out of the shower and through the door — sticky side right in the face! (Note: This was extra challenging because our cat, Jack, was jumping up and trying to tear down the tape the whole time.)
  4. Naked old men pictures: Simple but classic. I printed a bunch of old, gross dudes and hid them in her jewelry, drawers, and the shower. Her first question was, “Did you print these at work?” I said, “Yes, where else would I print them?” She replied, “What’s wrong with you?”
  5. Underwear and bras on the ceiling fan: Imagine walking into the room after you folded the laundry only to find all of your underwear and bras hanging from the ceiling fan. “I’m going to kill you face” for sure.

Thank you, darling husband of five wonderful years, for continually pissing me off and scaring the shit out of me.

One more tip: Pick your battles.



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