Baba’s Kitchen’s Farid Salloum opens restaurant in Remington

The wonderful Farid is opening ARBA at R. House in Remington
The wonderful Farid is opening ARBA at R. House in Remington

Inspired by the street food vendors of the Middle East, Farid Salloum, the chef and owner of Baba’s Mediterranean Kitchen (my neighborhood favorite!) in South Baltimore, is opening a new concept in R. House  this fall. ARBA’s authenticity is derived from its fusion of old-world and new-age Mediterranean foods.

Meaning “four” in Arabic, ARBA’s focused menu will feature classics like house-made falafel, shawarma and hummus, alongside creative Middle Eastern fare like grilled octopus salad, kefta kabob rolls and eggplant fries.

“The idea for ARBA came from a visit to the ‘old country’ with my parents many years ago,” said Salloum. “As we walked the narrow alleys and cobblestone streets, we were overwhelmed by the incredible smells and tastes the Middle East is famous for. It hit me. For thousands of years, street vendors have provided authentic, time tested and delicious fare for people on the streets of Jerusalem, Cairo, Beirut—all over the region. This is why I am opening ARBA – to serve the very best Mediterranean street food to the people of Baltimore with original flavors and aromas evocative of the old country.”

“As a tribute to my family, I want to carry out the traditions of my father and mother, who brought with them from the Middle East their passion and hope, and their love for and intimacy with Mediterranean food,” he added.

With a degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA in Marketing, and a management career spanning two decades, Farid Salloum left corporate America in 2008 to leverage his skills and experiences with the food service industry. Salloum has made it his business to understand what his customers want, and produce the freshest, scratch-made, affordable Middle Eastern fare in the neighborhood.

2 Replies to “Baba’s Kitchen’s Farid Salloum opens restaurant in Remington”

  1. This is awesome, thanks for sharing Renee!! I am so excited about R House opening!! Relay Foods is attending their @Remington Chop event in June, which I’m so looking forward to 🙂 Check out details here and you can get $5 off at checkout with code “relayfoods”. I think you’d really enjoy this.

    1. Thanks, Stacie! Remington Chop looks amazing, but I’ll be in Europe then. I LOVE Relay Foods; I think I’ve referred about 20 people. I didn’t know you were working with them! Want me to share this code?

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