GIVEAWAY: 2 tickets to Baltimore Bar Guild’s + Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s annual Ryes Up


Coming from a family of random diseases (plus being a bit of a hypochondriac), I know my medical disorders pretty well. That’s why, after hanging out with Katharine a few times when we first became friends, I wasn’t shocked when she told me she has cystic fibrosis.

What did shock me is how much it impacts her daily life. The medications, the drug trials, the hours of breathing treatments every day … (Plus, she’s recently added in exercise to her routine!) Then there’s the mental side: Does it get worse? Is the cure coming?

I’ve tried to raise awareness of and advocate for and donate to CF research. My favorite event, Ryes Up, is next Sunday, March 5. Fifteen (15!!!) of the city’s best bartenders come together and sample rye whiskey-based drinks and paired bites. The best part is Katharine’s speech. Each year, without fail, I cry.


With the lady of the hour at the 2014 Ryes Up event

You can! Brendan Dorr, the amazing head bartender at B&O (the host venue) and head of the Baltimore Bar Guild (the event sponsor), and Sue Nolan of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Maryland, offered me two tickets to give away for the event. (As Amy says, I love my people.)

How can you win? Just follow the giveaway rules in my social posts and cross your fingers. If you don’t win, I highly suggest buying tickets. The event will sell out and it’s one of the most fun nights for an amazing cause. Eat and drink well and feel good.

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