Five tips to get you back into running

Weekly Training Report 06 03 2013 - 06 09 2013 - beck

Ouch. I get it, dailymile. I haven’t run in days. 11 days, in fact. Between my 3 Ws (wedding, work trip, and weekend trip), there was little time to squeeze in a run. So, after this friendly reminder, how did I get back into the swing of it? Here are five little tips to help you when you need to take a break.

  1. Start back slow and steady. I told myself yesterday that I just had to do two miles at 10-minute pace. I ended up running 3.5 miles at 9:27 pace.
  2. Take the scenic route. This is the time to bust out your favorite running route. I love running by the Under Armour corporate headquarters in Locust Point. Running along the dock overlooking the harbor and all of Baltimore is just beautiful.
  3. Crank up the tunes. I know that some people like to run without music, but when you are getting back into the groove of things, it can really help to have some motivational music. (Check out this post for my top 10 favorite running songs.)
  4. Enlist a buddy. If you can, a friend into running with you or go with a running group. It’s much easier to get back into the swing of running when someone is waiting for you.
  5. Prepare in advance. If you know that you have a busy schedule ahead, look at your timeline closely to see if there are any openings for a run. Had I made a little more effort, I think I would have squeezed in one or two runs during my 11 days off.


Fortunately, taking some time off isn’t the end of the world (especially if you are injured). Like anything else, it just takes a little time to get back into the habit. Do you have any tricks for working out after a break?

Also, I’m guest blogging today over at The Bozzuto Blog about how to de-funk your home if you’re an athlete. Let me know what you think and if you have tips!


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