Five Things Friday: I just really wanted to share

I was reading Kerry’s “Five Things Friday” post at The Adventures of Z & K and then felt the urge to share everything that I read after that. So here are the five things that I just really wanted to tell you about this afternoon:

  1. TJ Maxx now offers online shopping! I love TJ’s, but some days I’m just too tired to spend time searching through the racks. No problem—TJ’s now offers online shopping! You’re welcome for giving you something to waste away the last hour of work on Friday.
  2. The new KIND bars are amazing. KIND recently sent me two flavors from their Nuts & Spices line, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond  and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt. I’m in love with both. I thought the Chili might be a bit too spicy for me, but it’s not at all; it just has some moderate heat. Steve and I have been devouring them, but I did manage to share one of the Chili ones with my co-worker/friend, Hallie, who simply said, “Oh my. This is GOOD.”
  3. I’m loving iOS 7. I think it looks so modern and I’m so happy that folders have room for more than nine apps! If you don’t love it like I do, here are seven tips to change things with iOS7.
  4. I have no qualms about eating cookies shaped like Scottie dogs. Walkers Shortbread kindly sent me some chocolate and oatmeal shortbread cookies to sample. The labels said, “pure butter.” IN. The chocolate shortbread had little chocolate chips and was in the shape of little Scottie dogs. I was fine with it, but my co-worker, Chris, said, I couldn’t stop thinking about it being  Scooby snack.” And while no one thought that the oatmeal cookies tasted like oatmeal, everyone loved them and both bags were gone within two days. 
  5. Root canals aren’t awful. I just feel that I need to share this because when I was told that I needed one on Monday, I would’ve been scared and put it off, but Helpful Hallie had told me that it’s not bad at all—and she was right. I was in SO MUCH PAIN that the root canal was a welcome relief. It took 30 minutes and I was totally numb, so I just closed my eyes and chilled for a little. Would I choose to do it again? Not happily, but to get out of that pain? Yep.

Any thoughts for Friday? What’re you loving right now?

photo (2)
Oh, KIND, you know just what I like.
photo (1)
And what do I like? FOOD.

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