Stitch Fix review #4

UPDATE: I kept the purple top after many positive comments. I did start too feel like the teal one was a bit matronly, and I loved the cardigan but it was a little too long and expensive. 

I’m on my fourth Stitch Fix (FYI: referral link) and I must say—they’re really getting it right. While my first, second, and third orders had some good items, I felt like this one was most accurate in terms of my styles and wants.

  • I asked for everything under $50 for the fourth time. This time, every single item was $48 or less.
  • I asked for all non-cotton work-appropriate shirts/blouses, Nailed it! (I asked for no sweaters or cardigans, but I must admit, the cardigan that was included was very nice.)
  • Jewel tones? Love! Purple? My favorite. Great colors and patterns!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m leaning toward the largest pic—the greenish-blue top. The purple feels a little too purple, especially with gold buttons. (Gold is not my friend.) I love the pattern of the one in the top right, but the cut doesn’t work for my shoulders. Again, the cardigan is lovely, but I have black cardigans and it’s $48. I like the blue striped top, but the dolman sleeves were a little odd and the stripes didn’t match up at all in the back.

So, what do you think? Do I go for the greenish-blue (and only $28!) top? Should I consider any others?

2 Replies to “Stitch Fix review #4”

  1. I think you’re right on the money. The greenish-blue top looks so flattering on you & NOT old at all. I like the black too, but if you already have why get another? The purple looks nice, but I don’t like gold buttons either. Can’t really see them in the pic. Nice idea you came up with.

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