Adventures in House Hunting: We bought a home!

After the heartbreaking realization that we couldn’t (intelligently) afford the house that we had hoped to put an offer in on, Steve and I set our sights on saving more money and being more realistic about the house that we would ultimately purchase. (No idea what I’m talking about? See my other house hunting posts here and here and here.)

The next morning, I woke up to an email from Redfin, the real estate app that I used. The price had dropped on the really, really nice renovated house that was out of our price range. Significantly. I immediately shared with Steve and, even after all that had happened, we decided that we needed to see it again.

Granite counters! Stainless steel!
Granite counters! Stainless steel!

We met with our realtor, Stacey, over lunch. Within 20 minutes of seeing the house, we knew that we wanted to put in an offer. I spent the afternoon with her going through the paperwork. After work, Steve and I signed off on our very first offer.

We knew that it could take a day or more to hear back from the seller. He was motivated, but we didn’t know if other offers would come in. We texted back and forth with Stacey all night, until we got the call. At about 10:30 PM, the seller came back with a (minor) counter offer. We countered back, and by 11 PM, we had a house!

We are so thankful that Stacey communicated with us throughout the evening and let us know that night that we actually got the house. We were so excited that we went to a neighborhood bar and had shots to toast to our first home. We went to bed in total shock—we bought a house!

Up next—the inspection, the paperwork, closing … and the tedious process of dealing with an unfinished home …


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