7 reasons why I love Relay Foods

I’ve talked about Relay Foods in the past. It’s no secret that the online grocer is a favorite of mine, and I want to share a few reasons why I adore Relay Foods so much.

  1. Relay Foods is focused on supporting local, sustainable farming. Much of what I order comes from PA, MD, or VA. I recently ordered all-natural fabric softener made by a woman in Charlottesville. There are also a lot of Baltimore vendors selling via Relay Foods, like Zeke’s Coffee, Hale’s Homemade, The Wild Pea, and more.
  2. They have convenient pick up locationsI used to pay $10 for delivery when Relay only had pick up in DC and VA. They expanded in Baltimore within the past year, and recently added a pick up location right in my neighborhood. No delivery fee = more groceries!
  3. It’s no more expensive than a regular grocery store. Most products are comparable to normal grocery store prices. (Meat does tend to be more expensive, especially when it’s local.) I actually find that we spend less because we can see the total as we shop and aren’t as tempted by impulse buys.
  4. The swag is really cute. I mean, these shirts! The colors alone are enough to love, but the font, too? Katharine and I both love it.
  5. The referral system is superb. Relay Foods (yep, referral link) loves to reward you for sharing the love. For each referral you obtain, they credit your account $30! Plus, the new customer also receives $30 off $50 or more. Both you and your friend win. And it never ends! Refer 100 people, get $3,000.
  6. Relay Foods sells more than just products from local vendors. Need toilet paper? Add it to the order. Dying for Ramen? They have that, too.
  7. Customer service is out of this world. I’ve contacted Relay via email, phone, and Twitter in the past and have received rapid replies every time. They’re courteous and seem genuinely invested in the business.

Have you tried Relay Foods? I’d love to hear your thoughts and, if you haven’t ordered, let me know if you do!

4 Replies to “7 reasons why I love Relay Foods”

  1. I LOVE Relay Foods. Like, a lot. In fact, they will be getting a mention in my soon-to-come “What’s Making Me Happy This Week” post.

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