Adventures in House Hunting: After the offer is accepted

I was planning to go through the whole schpeal about what happened after our offer was accepted, the 45 days from acceptance to closing, what it was like at the closing table, etc., but I saw this post on BuzzFeed yesterday and felt as though it  summarized it all. I pulled a few out to add my comments, but it’s definitely worth reading the whole thing, especially with the accompanying GIFs.

FOX / via, via
FOX / via, via

  • Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t, you will look at homes out of your price range. It’s cute that you think that you won’t, but you will. And it will make you sad when you run the numbers.
  • Zillow/Redfin/All other real estate apps will dominate your phone/computer/life. I lived on Redfin. (Apparently it’s the most up to date of all apps.)
  • The closing costs will take you by surprise. And they will make you cry, too. Try to get the seller to pay as much as possible in closing costs.
  • Choosing paint colors will make your head explode. Should we talk about how it took me 11 shades of gray until I found the right one?
  • Hanging pictures will test your every nerve. It’s been three months and we still haven’t put up one picture. The thought of putting a hole in our freshly painted wall just gives me anxiety. I think I’m going to invest in Command hooks.

Anything you’d add to the list?

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