The past 2 weeks, via photo dump

Sometimes, life gets a little hectic and finding time to blog escapes me. Fortunately, I always take pics, so here’s what I’ve been up to, in photographic format.

photo 1 (4)


Katharine and I celebrated Wit & Wisdom‘s second birthday at an awesome party that the team hosted.

photo 3 (3)

Brianna & Paul hosted Friendsgiving, where I colored this amazing turkey on the tablecloth.

photo 1

Steve, his brothers, Brian and Nick, and my sister-in-law (to be), Jess, and I all took out their brother, Zach, to celebrate his 21st birthday while he was home from college. (That’s my handsome husband on the left and Zach on the right.)

photo 5 (3)

With Jess, who poses like a normal person. (And yes, I did wear my Baltimore 10-Miler jacket to the bars. I was cold and had nothing else. Also, WordPress suggests other sites to include in posts based on what you write about, and one was called, “Man dumps wife for sister-in-law, says her cooking and sex is better.” Uh oh.

photo 2 (4)

Steve and I checked out By Degrees, a new cafe that recently opened near Harbor East.

photo 2

photo 3

We went to our fifth annual lighting of the monument in Mt. Vernon with Paul, Katharine, and Mike. It was oddly warm and didn’t feel very much like a kick-off to the holiday. (But we did hit up Dooby’s  to get beers and Katharine and I wandered down to The Hatch to pick up Charm City Cook‘s delicious sea salt caramel brownies.)

photo 4

Katharine, Mandi and I celebrated our six-year friend-iversary over brunch at Spoons. Mandi brought her adorable little accomplice, Miss Alice, who entertained us endlessly.

As you can see,  I’ve been all over Charm City! I’m looking forward to the next few weeks full of visits from family, days off with Steve, and Christmas!

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