Help Dana decide which Warby Parker glasses to keep!

My co-worker and friend, Dana, ordered Warby Parker glasses and needs help deciding which ones to keep. Just like when I receive Stitch Fixes, I want to harness the power of the Internet to help her. Without farther ado ... which pair should she keep? Any feedback is appreciated!

#for30more giveaway #12: Art, art, and more art!

Happy Friday, friends! Today's #for30more giveaway comes from some crazy talented people and is focused on the art. We'll have SIX winners! First up, "Tiny Notes" from my friend Madeline's mom, Twink. Twink is donating two packs of 8 cards/envelopes worth $15 each. Check out her Etsy store and follow her on Twitter to see more! My lovely friend, …

#for30more giveaway #11: Meal or grocery tour from Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen

I still remember the first nutrition lesson that Rachel taught me. In college, she needed volunteers for a study on calorie perception. I measured different sizes of cereal (i.e. 1 cup) and what I would normally pour for a normal breakfast. I sadly learned that I was WAY off in my measurements, and that lesson …

#for30more giveaway #8: KarmaPop ice pops

Baltimore, have you caught on to the KarmaPop craze? This company is so cool. They're first and ONLY food tricycle in Baltimore and make small-batch desserts like gourmet ice pops and mini pies. (Sweet Potato Pie and Razzle Dazzle Lemonade are flavors.) The mission? Spread good karma, one dessert at a time! Krystal of KarmaPop was excited to …

#for30more giveaway #4: Four (4) tickets for Tours & Crawls Baltimore or Annapolis

I'm so excited about today's #for30more giveaway because I'm actually doing the Tours & Crawls tonight! Steve and I are catching up with my fantastic friends Jes and Rachel of Intrinsic Events and going on a haunted pub tour in Fells Point. (Keep an eye on my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook accounts for the play-by-play.) While there are several options, …

#for30more giveaway #2: $25 gift cards to Blue Hill, Shiso, and Tavern on the Square

$4K in three days?? That's phenomenal! You're all rocking #for30more. Ready for another awesome giveaway? The amazing team at Blue Hill Tavern (which I reviewed way back in '09), Shiso Tavern, and Tavern on the Square donated SEVEN (7) $25 gift cards to each restaurant, so today's giveaway will have SEVEN winners! Each winner will …

#for30more giveaway #1: $50 to Local Color Flowers

In case you missed it, Katharine launched an awesome fundraiser yesterday, #for30more. You can read all about why she wants 30 more years as her 30th birthday wish and why I support the cause. Over $2K were raised in first day—but we can't stop yet! To make the fundraiser even more exciting, we've partnered with …

5 things Friday

It's been a busy week! I'm pretty much exhausted, but from really fun, important things. Here are five things that I'm reading/loving/wanting this Friday: Homemade, natural pet repellent: We have a new couch and two new rugs—and our one cat, Jack, loves them. Love to scratch them, that is, and the store-bought sprays work well, but they're …

My First Vlog!

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month! Check out Katharine’s blog to learn how you can help.

From A to Pink | A Blog by Katharine Scrivener

Hello lovely readers! Hope your day is going swimmingly.

Alright… here goes nothing! Ahem, introducing my first vlog! (It took an embarrassing number of tries to record one that didn’t make me feel like a total fool. So be kind 😉 )

Click here for Steve’s fundraising page and here to ask a question on yesterday’s post. Thanks for watching and supporting and being overall wonderful people! (And keep checking back in during May – Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month – to learn more about cystic fibrosis.)


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