Assessing my 2013 goals

Credit: Mufidah Kassalias via Flickr
Credit: Mufidah Kassalias via Flickr

Rather than make lofty resolutions, like “work out more,” I’ve turned to making goals for the past few years. They’re categorized, specific, and (usually) attainable, which keeps me on track. Here are my 2013 goals with assessments of how I did. (Grab a snack because this is a long list.)



  • Continue to write for BMoreMedia (6x/yr) Did it!
  • Pursue higher-paying freelance opportunities Did it!
  • Create website for Well, I finally got around to blogging here … so let’s count that.


  • Make at least $XX by 2014 Ehh … not quite as much as I’d hoped.
  • Secure three success stories in media each month Did it!
  • Secure at least two big-name placements Did it!



  • Keep credit cards paid off each month Did it!
  • Attain and maintain $XX personal savings Did it and added more!
  • Increase 401K contribution by 1% Did it!
  • Increase true income to $XX at end of year (via full-time and freelance pay) Close …
  • Pay off $XX of student loan HAHHAHAHAHA


  • Build up joint ING to at least $XX pre-house, $XX post-house We hit both of these!
  • Put $X/month into joint Xmas ING Did it! Makes it so easy in December
  • $25 grocery wk 1x/month Oops. But we have had some free groceries, so maybe it weighs out?


  • Plan at least one date night per month Did alright with this one. Better earlier in the year.
  • Eat dinner at the table at least 2x/wk #FAIL
  • Spend less time online when w/Steve Yes! He may disagree, but I do.
  • Send cards/notes to grandparents 1x/month Hmm no.
  • Support friends’ interests I hope they think so!
  • “Date nights” w/friends 1/x month Between book club and random other nights, I think I hit this.


  • Beat 1:56:34 half marathon Didn’t happen. 2014!
  • Incorporate strength training to enhance running Oops
  • Try CrossFit (or another activity) to mix up workouts I started doing some bootcamp-style workouts, so kind of …
  • Run (1) 5K, (1) 10K, (1) half marathon, (2) other races Did a 5K, 10K, a half marathon, and the end of the marathon relay!
  • Buy more comfortable/quality running underwear I got some from Target, but that doesn’t really count.


  • Take daily vitamins (calcium, D, B12) Nope
  • Maintain XXX-XXX lbs Oops. After the half, I packed it on quite a bit. 
  • Continue with monthly acupuncture Yes! Love it.
  • Do yoga at least 2x/month Ehhh
  • Find good gynecologist re: birth control, meds, etc. Yes! (Let me know if you want her name.)
  • Get in more veggies, e.g. Green Monster smoothies Pretty good
  • Avoid excess sugar/fat to keep IBS at bay I’m so bad with sugar 😦
  • Eat less processed dinners/snacks (one new recipe/wk) Sometimes, but not good w/the recipes. Relay Foods helped with trying new things!


  • Obtain pre-approval and start home-buying process in summer Yes!
  • Don’t be “house poor!” Keep payment under $XXXX/month HAHHAHA My original number is hilarious. So naive.
  • Maintain sanity and keep perspective during (likely) long house-hunting process Um, sure. Or not at all.


  • Try at least six new restaurants throughout the year (Birroteca, The Food Market, Thames St. Oyster House, Fleet St Kitchen, Shiso Tavern, Johnny’s, Wit & Wisdom, Tio Pepe, Fork & Wrench, TEN TEN, SoBo CafeAlso went to: PABU, Ouzo Bay, Silo 0.5%, Admiral’s Cup, Kooper’s Tavern, Heavy Seas Alehouse, Smaltimore, Granny’s (ha!), By Degrees, liv2eat, Bay Cafe (adios!), Our House, Nando’s Peri Peri, Townhouse, My Thai, Havana Road  … and we have gift certificates for Birroteca and Johnny’s, so those will happen!
  • Read at least six books throughout the year I did a better job than I thought: The Marriage Plot, Middlesex, The Leftovers, Why Have Kids, Brain on Fire, Blackberry Winter, Gone Girl
  • Find a good daily lip color/world’s best concealer No
  • Volunteer Did it! Had to cut back in some areas, but did what I could.
  • Travel as much as possible! Not really. We did the annual OBX, but other travel was minimal bc of the house
  • Expand professional wardrobe with more quality pieces If Stitch Fix counts!

WHEW! I’ll give myself a solid B for this year. There were some that I missed, but I managed to hit most.

Now that that’s done, I want to hear how your 2013 went. Was it all that you’d planned?

5 Replies to “Assessing my 2013 goals”

  1. So inspirational! I’d give you closer to an A-. I’m going to give this a shot for 2014. And yes, please send me your doctor’s name. Thank you!

  2. I recommend all the restaurants you didn’t make it to this year, they were all on the list of ones we got to! (I notice many of them are on my side of town…does that have anything to do with it?) 🙂

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