5 things Friday

It’s been a busy week! I’m pretty much exhausted, but from really fun, important things. Here are five things that I’m reading/loving/wanting this Friday:

  1. Homemade, natural pet repellent: We have a new couch and two new rugs—and our one cat, Jack, loves them. Love to scratch them, that is, and the store-bought sprays work well, but they’re so expensive. Plus, I don’t love the idea of spraying all of this new stuff with even more chemicals. I found this recipe for homemade repellent spray, so I’ll report back. Any other tips/tricks to keep him from scratching?? He uses the scratchers that we have, but still loves the rugs/furniture. photo 1 (3)
  2. Donating to make CF stand for Cure Found. My stylist, Becca, was nominated by Katharine as one of Baltimore’s 35 Under 35, (I was an honoree in 2009 and Katharine was in 2010.) Last night, we attended a fundraising event with a fantastic raffle. Steve and I won gift cards to FOUR local restaurants! We love knowing that our raffle purchases went toward Becca’s fundraising goal—and Katharine’s (and other CF patients’) future. CF
  3. New fall drinks at Wit & Wisdom and an amazing dinner at Ouzo Bay. More to come in the form of a full review, but let’s just say that Ouzo Bay lived up to the hype and you should get to W&W ASAP for the fall drink menu. photo 3 (3)
  4. All things royal, including Duchy shortbreads. I was recently sent samples of Duchy Originals from Waitrose, which is the shortbread brand founded by Prince Charles. (Who knew?) I tried to Oaten Biscuit and three shortbreads, like the delicious ginger. It had actual pieces of sweet ginger in it, which I loved. And these things are all butter. All-butter = all good.
  5. Flowers and cupcakes and a massage from this guyYears ago, people said that he’d stop giving flowers. He hasn’t.

What are you loving this week? Any great articles that I should read? News that I should know?

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