5 things Friday

  1. uberX has arrived in Baltimore! I’m obsessed with Uber, the car service where you get a fancy-schmancy car/SUV sent to pick you up wherever you are. I take it to the airport, train station, dinner, etc, It is a little pricier, though, so uberX provides a more cost-effective option. If you have the app, just slide the bar to choose uberX, a car, or a SUV. New to uber? Use the referral link to get instant credit! uberxblogheader_700
  2. Goodies.co is gone, but Love With Food is here! I was a little obsessed with Goodies.co, the $7/month snack box, but they just stopped delivery. It was a very, very sad email, but they recommended signing up for Love With Food, which I obviously did. Love With Food has already donated 400 meas to the Maryland Food Bank. 
  3. Verizon is driving me MAD. I thought that Comcast was terrible, but Verizon really takes the cake. We switched when we moved, but now our monthly bills are $30 higher than we were originally quoted. I could literally feel my chest tightening as I argued with them on the phone today. Anyone know of a good way to get Internet without selling your soul to Verizon or Comcast in Baltimore???
  4. My dear friend Katharine is a speech-giving machine. Katharine is on the speaking circuit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, sharing her own CF story and explaining how every little dollar donated helps fight this orphan disease. Watch this video of her speaking at a recent event and, if you’re inspired, consider donating to her fund-raising effortsKath's Speech at Evening on the Severn - YouTube
  5. This bulldog puppy, because it’s Friday and bulldog puppies are the best. english bulldog puppy outdoors

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