Review (and help me choose!): Stitch Fix #6

My stylist, Ishara, hit it out of the ballpark with this Stitch Fix. As soon as I opened the box, I was delighted with the patterns, colors, and styles.

Once again, I had a box full of work-appropriate, non-cotton blouses and one dress, just as I’d requested. All items were $48-58, which stayed close to my $50 max. This was the first time that I thought I might keep all five items upon initial viewing.

(Need a Stitch Fix crash course? Click here. Want to see my previous reviews? Head over here.)

photo 1


DALILAH SHEER FLORAL CLUSTER BLOUSE: Ohhh, I liked this. I know it’s a little grandmotherly, but I liked the fit and the pattern. Not sure about these sleeves, though. There is no good way to fold them without the little attachment looking odd.

VERDICT? Kept it!

photo 5

TRACY FIT & FLARE GEO PRINT DRESS: I need a dress for this Saturday’s girls’ night in Harbor East, and this style, shape, and pattern certainly fit the bill. There are cute silver buttons at the shoulder, and I love v-necks and the swingy bottom. I’d probably pair it with a black belt.

VERDICT? Kept it!

photo 4

ORLANDO ABSTRACT PRINT TIE-NECK BLOUSE: I may have swooned when I pulled this out of the box. I love, love, love, love, LOVE the print. What I don’t love? The tie in the front. If it didn’t have the keyhole opening, maybe. And it feels a bit short.

VERDICT? Sent it back because they didn’t have a medium.

photo 3

KENDRICK POLKA DOT FRONT POCKET BLOUSE: Not my normal style, but I thought this was pretty cute. I do love polka dots and dark blue. It was cute, but the buttons popped open really easily. I think a medium would fit better.

VERDICT? Sent it back because they didn’t have a medium.

photo 2

MISSION 3/4 SLEEVE V-NECK BLOUSE: Again, I like the color and the style, but I do have a shirt in a similar cut/color. A medium may fit better, as well.

VERDICT? Sent it back because they didn’t have a medium.

My favorite thing about the Stitch Fix finds is that I wear them a lot. The black shirt from #3? Just wore it last week. And that cardigan from #1? It gets better with every wash ‘n wear.

All photos credits to my patient and handsome husband

So, what should I keep?? And have you tried Stitch Fix yet?


4 Replies to “Review (and help me choose!): Stitch Fix #6”

  1. My two cents – I like the 1st and 3rd shirts. The dress is okay, but I think it would depend how it looks in person. In the photo it makes you look like you have a shorter torso than you do. Good luck making your decision!

    1. Jess, I think that’s the issue! I must’ve been leaning forward in the pic because my torso didn’t look that short when I looked in the mirror. Thanks for the feedback!

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