15-min do anywhere countdown workout

15-min do-anywhere countdown workout
Photo credit: forced rhubarb via Flickr

Disclaimer: I’m not a trainer and have no fitness education. These are just workouts that I’ve done.

This past week was the first of my half-marathon training and I wanted to do some kind of workout every day. I knew that I shouldn’t run each time, so I mixed things up with some cross and strength training. I found this countdown workout on Pinterest. (The image doesn’t link to a site, but I can see that it’s from Olive to Run, even though I can’t find it on her site, either.)

Unfortunately, my knees aren’t the strongest, so I try to avoid burpees and swapped in bicycle crunches. (Also, burpees are just awful.) I also constantly hear Jillian yelling at me that I need to work multiple muscles at once, so I added bicep curls to the squats.

Do as the image says: 10 of each for one set. Then do 9 of each … 8 of each … and keep going down until you do the last set, which is one of each move. (I rested for about 10-15 seconds between each set, doing knee circles to ease the aches from squats.) It took me approximately 15 minutes to complete. It felt easy at 10, but by 5, I was feeling it!

Let me know if you try it! Do you have a countdown workout that you like?

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