24 hours in Washington, DC


After years together, Steve and I have started to run out of gift ideas for each other. For Christmas (and sometimes birthdays), we’ve started buying joint gifts or traveling. This Christmas, we decided that a long weekend away in the mountains sounded good, but our schedules weren’t having it. Last week, I suggested we just get out of town for a night. We chose to go to DC since it’s close and there are plenty of things that we haven’t done/seen.

A quick hotels.com visit found us a beautiful hotel with an amazing deal. The Melrose Georgetown was fantastic, down to the historical details.

Melrose Hotel Georgetown

We walked to the Chinatown area and had lunch at Clyde’s (I recommend the grilled chicken entree salad), followed by a few hours at the Museum of Crime and Punishment. (Definitely worth the ticket!)


On Saturday night, we walked the half mile into Georgetown. We strolled along the waterfront and along M Street, stopping at some shops before getting dinner at Bodega. (Large portion sizes and a very cool, unique space. That’s my huge and delicious apple tart dessert in the bottom right pic below.) We grabbed quick drinks at the hotel bar and listened to an old guy tell a young girl that he could “pass along her resume” before retiring for the night.


On Sunday, we walked to Founding Farmers, which I was so, so excited to try. Steve had an amazing plate of eggs with veggies, hash browns, and toast, while I went for the steel-cut oats with a whole plate of toppings (below). The decor, atmosphere, and food were all amazing.

Founding Farmers

We crammed a lot in in 24 hours, but it was really fun and and a nice reminder that quick day or weekend trips are possible. On that note, do you have a favorite quick trip?

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  1. Love this idea! Get-a-ways don’t have to be far away/extensive. DC is so close and provides so many options. I really need to take more advantage of that.

    Z and I had a really fun trip to Rehobeth a couple of Januarys ago. It was right as a snow storm was hitting Baltimore. We escaped town, and headed to an ocean-front boutique hotel and enjoyed the snow covered beach views. We also did the Dogfish Head Brewery tour which was quite cool.

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