Review: My addiction to the FitBit One

Fitbit Dashboard
Results from 1/26, one of my best days to date

Did you know that you’re supposed to take 10,000 steps each day? Easy enough, right? If you work an office job like I do, start using a FitBit and you’ll be shocked and how little you actually moved.

I started using a FitBit One the week of Thanksgiving. I quickly found that, if I didn’t run that day, I was lucky to hit 3-4K steps. When the weekends rolled around and I ran a lot of errands, I could get in 10K (or close to it), but that was it. Once I started running again, those days usually got me to at least 8K and typically hit 10K.

I’ve worn the FitBit every day for over two months and I don’t plan to stop. Here are my pros and cons of the FitBit One:


  • Motivation! Being aware of how little I move makes me move. When I’m close to reaching my daily goal, I really amp it up. When I brush my teeth, I pace up and down the hall and do a few laps on the steps to get more steps.
  • Speaking of steps, the FitBit also tracks flights of steps, calories, and miles. I’m pretty good at getting steps in, so I compete with myself to try to get more.
  • The dashboard and app are awesome. I can quickly see where I am for the day, plus look at past days, make fun charts, and more. I can see hours, minutes, or lifetime totals. (See top pic.) I may check it a little compulsively …
  • It syncs really well with MyFitnessPal, which I use for tracking what I eat. I love when I go running and then it shows up as calories burned in MFP and I don’t have to do anything!
  • It stays charged for a really long time. I can usually go about two weeks without charging it. (Apparently the bracelet versions have super-long lives.)

Track My Activities on Fitbit


  • The FitBit One is a little bulky. It’s the pod that clips on, so I normally wear it at my waist. It’s a little tricky when I wear a dress or something more fitted on top because it looks like it’s 1995 and I’m wearing a pager.
  • The sleep tracker isn’t great. It can only track movement, so I can be perfectly still but wide awake and it would track it as asleep. I sleep pretty well, so this isn’t a huge concern for me, but I do like tracking everything.
  • Where are all of my friends?? For some reason, no one who I’m friends with (on Facebook) is using FitBit, so I don’t really have many people to follow and compete with.

People always want to know if the FitBit helps with weight loss. I started around the holidays and I wasn’t working out much, so I didn’t see a big difference until I ramped up my nutrition and fitness in January. I started back with MyFitnessPal and my half-marathon training on Jan. 6 and have lost 2 lbs in three weeks. It doesn’t work on its own, but in combo, it’s an amazing motivator!

Fitbit Profile
Trying to get the “very active” higher and the “lightly active” much lower

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