Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so if you haven’t made a purchase yet, you may think it’s too late. (If you’re in Baltimore and snowed in, you’re likely kicking yourself.) Have no fear! There’s still time to snag a gift for him or her … but don’t wait much longer.

Her collage


Subscription boxes: My favorite! I love getting mail each month and subscription boxes offer fun surprises. Some favorites include Love with Food, NatureBox, and Birchbox. (I received BirchBox as a gift almost three years ago and still subscribe!)

Massage or mani/pedi gift certificate: Sometimes it’s hard to spend the money on treats like massages or manicures/pedicures, so give her the gift of pampering.

Cook dinner: Pick up her favorites and make dinner rather than taking her out. A meal made from love is definitely a gift.

His collage


Beer of the Month Club: I gave this to Steve as a wedding gift and (I think!) he liked it. There are tons out there, so Google away.

Mobtown Meat Snacks: If you’re local, grab some of these treats at a few retailers around town. Dried meat? Good.

A nice watch: If you can make it to a jeweler or a mall, most guys appreciate a quality watch that he doesn’t have to pick out. Just take note if he prefers gold or silver or likes something a little more athletic.

What do you recommend? Any gifts that you’ve given/received that are good for the procrastinators? 

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