My winter running essentials

Winter Running

Winter’s been pretty harsh in Baltimore and when I have to run outside, I need to bundle up. Here’s my favorite winter running attire:

  1. Moving Comfort Vixen C/D bra – I invested in this bra when I realized that all of my running bras were from Target … and college. Oops. I was training for my half marathon and not getting any younger, so it was time. Moving Comfort has a whole line of awesome bras, but this one stuck out to me because it doesn’t have all of the snaps and straps but still has awesome support.
  2. A long tank top – This one in particular is from Nike and I bought it and two other colors on clearance for $23 total from my local Charm City Run, but any long running tank will do the trick. The longer, fitted tops stay snug on the hips and don’t ride up.
  3. A fitted head/earband – Again, mine’s Nike but brand isn’t important. I actually bought another one when I temporarily lost this one and couldn’t deal with how tight it was on my head. Fit is what matters.
  4. A zip-up jacket – Mine’s is a beloved one from the Baltimore 10-miler. You just want it to cover your neck and not poke you. I’m coveting this one from Lululemon and also love Target’s selection. (I prefer 1/4-zip but will do full-zip in a pinch.)
  5. Brooks Women’s Essential LS v-neck – I am recommending this particular shirt because it’s amazing. it’s slim-fitting over the tank top and under the zip-up and is super soft. And thumbholes! They’re amazing when it’s so cold. I also appreciate a v-neck; running shirts are almost always crew neck.
  6. Thin, warm running gloves – Mine are from Under Armour and I do recommend investing in a decent pair. Regular ol’ cotton gloves will hold sweat and make your hands cold. Brrr.
  7. Under Armour Cold Gear running tights – I don’t know which particular pair they are because I bought them two years ago, but UA’s Cold Gear running tights are is amazing. I feel no wind on my legs when I run. It’s kind of amazing. I also have a Target pair that I love but I can feel the wind a little in those. They’re for 40-degree+ days.
  8. Non-cotton, thin underwear – I know, TMI, but if you’re going to wear tights that, well, tight, you need some form-fitting undergarments. These are cheapies from Target, but I do plan to invest in some nicer ones made from sweat-wicking fabric. (There’s a nice thought: Cotton underwear, sweaty, and in freezing temps. Who wants to go run??)

That’s all! It seems like a lot, but this is my go-to cold weather attire and most of it has lasted me for years. (I do also have plenty of less expensive running gear; this outfit just happens to be all running brand names.)

Do you have any running favorites? Any awesome underwear recommendations?

11 thoughts on “My winter running essentials

  1. Jess @ Just Call Me Janks says:

    Lovin’ this list- full of great recommendations! My Lululemon jacket is a lifesaver in the colder weather – tight enough to stay put but stretchy enough to layer underneath. Definitely worth the investment.

  2. megroach says:

    I have a Saucony earband, that has been a life savor. I love how it fits, I have a small head and most hats don’t fit me right. I also have a Saucony jacket I got last year on super sale and its great for layering, its hot pink and makes me super visible!

  3. Sarah says:

    Renee – I have a few pairs of lululemon underwear…regular and thong…its great for running (and the inside of the band tells you to “take me for a run” so…its motivating??? lol

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