My winter running essentials

Winter Running

Winter’s been pretty harsh in Baltimore and when I have to run outside, I need to bundle up. Here’s my favorite winter running attire:

  1. Moving Comfort Vixen C/D bra – I invested in this bra when I realized that all of my running bras were from Target … and college. Oops. I was training for my half marathon and not getting any younger, so it was time. Moving Comfort has a whole line of awesome bras, but this one stuck out to me because it doesn’t have all of the snaps and straps but still has awesome support.
  2. A long tank top – This one in particular is from Nike and I bought it and two other colors on clearance for $23 total from my local Charm City Run, but any long running tank will do the trick. The longer, fitted tops stay snug on the hips and don’t ride up.
  3. A fitted head/earband – Again, mine’s Nike but brand isn’t important. I actually bought another one when I temporarily lost this one and couldn’t deal with how tight it was on my head. Fit is what matters.
  4. A zip-up jacket – Mine’s is a beloved one from the Baltimore 10-miler. You just want it to cover your neck and not poke you. I’m coveting this one from Lululemon and also love Target’s selection. (I prefer 1/4-zip but will do full-zip in a pinch.)
  5. Brooks Women’s Essential LS v-neck – I am recommending this particular shirt because it’s amazing. it’s slim-fitting over the tank top and under the zip-up and is super soft. And thumbholes! They’re amazing when it’s so cold. I also appreciate a v-neck; running shirts are almost always crew neck.
  6. Thin, warm running gloves – Mine are from Under Armour and I do recommend investing in a decent pair. Regular ol’ cotton gloves will hold sweat and make your hands cold. Brrr.
  7. Under Armour Cold Gear running tights – I don’t know which particular pair they are because I bought them two years ago, but UA’s Cold Gear running tights are is amazing. I feel no wind on my legs when I run. It’s kind of amazing. I also have a Target pair that I love but I can feel the wind a little in those. They’re for 40-degree+ days.
  8. Non-cotton, thin underwear – I know, TMI, but if you’re going to wear tights that, well, tight, you need some form-fitting undergarments. These are cheapies from Target, but I do plan to invest in some nicer ones made from sweat-wicking fabric. (There’s a nice thought: Cotton underwear, sweaty, and in freezing temps. Who wants to go run??)

That’s all! It seems like a lot, but this is my go-to cold weather attire and most of it has lasted me for years. (I do also have plenty of less expensive running gear; this outfit just happens to be all running brand names.)

Do you have any running favorites? Any awesome underwear recommendations?

11 Replies to “My winter running essentials”

  1. Lovin’ this list- full of great recommendations! My Lululemon jacket is a lifesaver in the colder weather – tight enough to stay put but stretchy enough to layer underneath. Definitely worth the investment.

  2. I have a Saucony earband, that has been a life savor. I love how it fits, I have a small head and most hats don’t fit me right. I also have a Saucony jacket I got last year on super sale and its great for layering, its hot pink and makes me super visible!

  3. Renee – I have a few pairs of lululemon underwear…regular and thong…its great for running (and the inside of the band tells you to “take me for a run” so…its motivating??? lol

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