Love it/Hate it: 2014 Oscars

Yes, I took a few minutes out of my day to judge what others are wearing—just for you. You’re welcome.

At the 2014 Oscars, there were the obvious and expected fashion winners: Lupita’s stunning, deep v-neck robin’s egg blue gown with sparkles, Kate’s caped white-metallic sheath, and  Cate in something unexpected but perfect on her body. While I loved them, I didn’t include them in my best dressed; I looked for those who were a little unexpected.

Oscars 2014 best dressed

Julia Roberts: Looks, Julia hasn’t exactly been killing it recently on the red carpet. (See below.) I loved her lace look at the Oscars! It’s classic, even with the trendy peplum. I like that she covered up the deep v-neck and pulled her lightened hair up to showcase the lace. The shoes, with weird spikes, are terrible with the dress, but I can forgive it—and it’s better than a lack thereof.

Julia Roberts fashion misses
Julia, I love you, but this is all bad. Except your hair. Your hair is amazing.

Olga Kurylenko: I had to Google her to find out who she is. (She’s a French actress and model who was a Bond girl.) This dress is eco-friendly (by Jomnarn Dul for Suzy Amis-Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress company), which is cool in itself, but I also love the color and the top. It’s a little abstract, but there’s something really pretty about the shape.

Olivia Wilde: I mean, she does pregnancy fashion SO WELL. (Remember when they basically melted and poured emeralds on her for the Globes? Yeah.) She’s killing it in black with the up-swept hair alongside Jason Sudeikis, and they’re just the cutest. The back is simple with a little sexy back showing And the drop earrings! Perfect addition.

Chrissy Teigen: I bet John Legend sang “All of Me” while she was getting dressed. There’s something about the Oscars that calls for a gown, and her Monique Lhuillier fills that. I love the long pockets and the floral design, but I hate the hair. Updo, please! Overall, though, win for the dress.

Now, on to the worst. Again, there are obvious ones like Liza and Whoopi, so I tried to stay away from those. (Julia landed on most of these lists, so it shows you what I know.)

Oscars - Worst dressed 2014

Anna Kendrick: I love Anna. I want to be her BFF—but I don’t want to go out with her when she’s wearing this. I love, love, love the top until you get to the weird mesh red floral business. What is happening there? And why? The slit in the bottom is good, but the ruffles and mesh and strappiness is all too much. You’re better than this, Anna.

Sarah Paulson: I’ve become obsessed with her since “American Horror Story,” but she lets me down a lot on the red carpet. This dress matches her skin, so it just looks like she has bejeweled skin. And she forgot to wash her hair.

Camila Alves: This hurts me almost as much as Anna, but Camilia. C’mon. This was your man’s night, so you had to know that cameras would be all over you. Where’s the sexy strapless number? If you wanted to keep it understated, do it like Sandy did. This is so blah and not flattering.

Angelina Jolie: I’ve never been an Angelina fan, but girl can wear a dress. And she’s kind of stunning. This one landed on all of the best-dressed lists, but I strongly disagreed. It’s a sack! A sparkly gray sack! Again, I understand wanting to let Brad shine and step back a little, but the covered arms and heavy beading are just too much.

Do you agree/disagree with me? Which dresses did you love/hate?

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