Review: Stitch Fix #8 (or the one that went awry)


I love StitchFix. I’ve made that fairly clear in ordering seven other times. But this time … eh. It was off. I loved two items immediately upon opening, but I was really disappointed to see a bag (which I don’t remotely need) and the two cardigans were so blah. Dive in with me as I explain …

(Excuse my grossness. This was after running and showering. I didn’t get all fancy for you.)



First impression: Um, winter is almost over. This cardigan is thick. WTF is happening with this pattern and texture? Just … no.

After trying it on: It got worse. Bottom of the sleeves are tight and the rest just makes me feel like I’m wearing a sheep. Also, please die, dolman sleeves.

Keeper? Big, fat NO.



First impression: What a drab color! I love the stripes, how lightweight it is, and the shape, but that olive is not flattering.Β 

After trying it on: It fits well but I worry that one or two washes will have it snagged and falling apart. It is really soft, though.

Keeper? Debating.



First impression: A bag? Seriously? This must be a new thing. Katharine’s was really cute, but this one is NOT. It’s vegan, which I guess is a perk. No animals died in the making of this ugly bag.

After trying it on: I don’t need to try it on, but I guess you could say it’s a decent size.

Keeper? Nope. I want shirts and dresses, not bags.



First impression: $34 for a tank top? I love the colors, but it looks a little large. But it could be cute with skinny jeans.

After trying it on: It’s cute but kind of boxy. Maybe with a cardigan, but I don’t love it solo.

Keeper? Eh …



First impression: LOVE the color and the general shape/neckline. I really hope it fits.

After trying it on: It fits! It’s soft! I love the color. (It looks really bright here, but it’s more of a jewel-toned purple. And the neck is all drapey.)

Keeper? Yes, unless you think I look fat in it.

What say you?

7 Replies to “Review: Stitch Fix #8 (or the one that went awry)”

  1. I laughed out loud with your comment on the bag! I love reading these. I really like the purple shirt, it looks great on you. I like the olive cardigan, too. But if you think it might not make it through the wash, I wouldn’t get it. πŸ™‚

  2. Sad I wasn’t there to review these with you, so here are my comments.. WTF is that stipe/block dolman cardigan?! Just no! Like the olive cardigan but NOT the color, agree with you. I personally think the bag is awesome but don’t understand why they’re throwing that in to a clothing mix. The tank of course is your color, BUT it’s a bit boxy. LOVE the jersey top and the color could not be amore perfect for you! So that’s my vote πŸ™‚

  3. Love that purple top! Definitely a keeper. I’ve been on the fence about stitch fix for awhile now (like a year). I just continue to live vicariously through your subscriptions.

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