Review: Handybook home cleaning service (and $25 off!)

Handybook review2

I know that no one likes to clean his/her house, but I really despise it. I feel like so much time is wasted scrubbing a bathtub, especially when it needs to be cleaned again two weeks later. Steve and I have been keeping an eye on Groupon and other deal sites for cleaning services and have tried a few, but weren’t completely satisfied with any.

Enter Handybook.

Handybook review

I first heard about Handybook from Hallie, who tried it and loved it. I used her promo code to get $25 off of my first booking. I was actually out of town when Nicole, the assigned Handybook pro, came by, but Steve sent me pic when she was done. She folded all of our towels in fancy ways. She cleaned our wood floors on her hands and knees. She put stickers on the toilet paper rolls like we live in a hotel. Needless to say, we were pretty impressed. It took her about three hours to do our 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom townhouse. (We didn’t have her clean our basement.)

We decided to book with Nicole again a few weeks later. This time, she only took two hours since she’d done such a thorough cleaning the first time. Handybook prices based on demand, so weekday evenings tend to be more expensive, but we save by only having to book two hours. Oh, and she leaves a card with a lovely note! I mean, seriously.

Also, Handybook isn’t just cleaning. You can book a plumber, hire someone to assemble your furniture (because spending eight hours putting together an IKEA bed is not fun), or help you move.

Handybook review1

Interested in trying it yourself? Use my coupon code, RENEE5953, when you book to get $25 off of you first booking. Let me know if you try it! (Also, if you use ebates, be sure to book that way. You get 10% back, which is basically unheard of with most sites.)

3 Replies to “Review: Handybook home cleaning service (and $25 off!)”

  1. I have been checking this service out on Groupon (etc) just because with 3 yr old twins its a hassle to clean but to add to that putting the house on the market soon it needs to be spotless and like you I HATE no DESPISE cleaning like that. So I have thought about a deep clean through a service and then again for a move out clean.

  2. I had my first service by Sarah of Handybook, and though it was her first time she did an excellent job. My house is clearn and smells of the lovely cleaners they use. Sarah was friendly and pleasant and worked hard. I am very satisfied with the service!

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