What people are searching for when they find my blog



If you blog, do you ever go see what terms people search to find your blog? It’s fascinating. Here are a few gems:

[what does rlb stand for when texting]

I assume my blog came up due to my initials/blog name. Since I’m old and need to use Urban Dictionary for slang, I Goggled this. Apparently RLB can be right linebacker.

[i have to finish everything]

I’m pretty good about leaving some things hanging, so I’m not sure how you stumbled on my blog.

Photo credit: www.deviantart.com
Photo credit: http://www.deviantart.com

[tumblr quotes of eminem for guys who dont appreciate their gfs]

First, there are a lot of search phrases that involve Eminem that come up with my blog, and I’m really proud of that. I have to assume that this refers to this post.

[one half of my plans]

One half of what plans? What happened to the other half?


[bulldog puppy]

You’re welcome.

I titled this "Red Meat Sarah." Photo credits to James Vaughan and Wikipedia
I titled this “Red Meat Sarah.” Photo credits to James Vaughan and Wikipedia

[“eat red meat” “sarah paulson”]

I don’t eat red meat and I think Sarah Paulson is awesome and I’m scared as to why you’re searching them together.

[sticky icky in baltimore] I tried to Google this and got nothin’.

Passion fruit wine, not mango wine (via Wikipedia)
Passion fruit wine, not mango wine (via Wikipedia)

[mango wine in baltimore]

Is this a thing?? That’s disgusting. Unless it’s sangria. I still don’t know how it leads you to my blog, but ok.

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