Currently loving [“I haven’t posted in awhile” and 2 giveaways edition]


Yep. I fail. I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t taken the time to update over here, but here are some things that I’ve been loving:

  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: I received these to review and have been tossing them in my yogurts. They’re super crunchy and packed with protein and Omega 3s. Want to try them? Use the 20% off code HHSweatPink14, which expires on November 30. Want to WIN a 5 lb bag? (Really.) Get creative in the kitchen, tag @manitobaharvest, #hemphearts, and #sweatpink in your Instagram and/or Twitter post and you’ll be automatically entered. (Do it by November 30!)
  • Martha Stewart’s citrus-scented cranberry sauce: Katharine made this last year for Friendsgiving and I offered to man the cranberry sauce this year. This is a delicious sauce and tasted awesome on my sweet potato today.
  • WIN detergent: If you are a runner or live with one, you know that the funk that sticks around in clothes is less than appealing. WIN detergent is eco-friendly, dye-free, and fragrance-free and removes sweat, oil, and odors from technical athletic apparel. I’m not sure that I’d splurge for the $10 bottle, but I must admit that the clothes smell pretty nice. Want to win TWO bottles to try? Just tweet with the hashtag #sweathardsmellgreat on Twitter and/or Instagram and get extra entries by following WIN on Instragram and Twitter. Want to get $1 off?  Use code WINGIVE1.
  • $25 for 25 at the MAC: If you donate $25 to the MAC for the Maryland Food Bank, you can get 25 days at the gym. STEAL. The gym is so nice, and I love having access to the pool. You have until Dec. 31 to snag this deal and join me!
  • Relay Foods adding MORE Baltimore locations: You know how obsessed I am with Relay Foods. I wrote about them here and here and now they’ve added the Marketplace at Fells Point location from 3-7pm on Fridays. Use my referral link to take $30 off your order!

Anything that you’re loving right now?

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