Review: Stitch Fix #12 (or the WORST ONE EVER)

Stitch Fix review

I love Stitch Fix. You know it, I know it. It’s an awesome service at a reasonable price.

But WTF happened this time?!?

I’ve done ELEVEN Stitch Fixes and have always kept at least one thing. I don’t even need your opinions this time; I’m sending them all back. It’s like it was my first Fix, but worse. Prepare yourself for the photographic awfulness.

(For the record, I asked for a dress, a blazer, and a few tops. I said patterns are ok, no red/yellow/orange, shared all of my previous reviews, as well as my Pinterest board for style ideas.)

Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer ($72) & Lane Crochet Detail Knit Tank ($38)


It didn’t start off horribly. This top was just kind of blah and had weird crocheting that hit in odd places. I could also find it at Target for like $20, I think. I liked the blazer at first sight, but it was too short on and hit awkwardly at my hips. It was also terry, which I don’t love and certainly wouldn’t pay $72.

Milo or Stratford Knit Top ($48)


I already threw away the info that came with this, so I can’t recall if this is the Milo or Stratford knit top. Whatever. It’s awful. This pattern is not remotely like any of the things that I shared on my Pinterest board and it’s a horrible fit. Also, if you look at my past reviews and Pinterest, almost everything I like and keep is v-neck. High necks are not my friend.

Milo or Stratford Knit Top ($48)


RUCHING?! COME ON. What you can’t see is my cat about to attack these strings.

Livy Shift Dress ($68)


This dress had a very Kate Middleton-esque look to it but was so unflattering. The waist looked bad — sack-like — and the color-blocking on the side was odd.

So that’s it. It’s all going back.

3 Replies to “Review: Stitch Fix #12 (or the WORST ONE EVER)”

  1. I just got a terrible fix. I don’t think I’m keeping a single item. Still deciding on the handbag, but I’m not a huge fan of it, so that tells me I should just send it back. Sad because this one was for my birthday. It’s only my 2nd fix, but the first one was so great, just disappointing this one was so terrible.

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