Review: Stitch Fix #14 (The one after the really bad one)

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I’ll say this about Stitch Fix (<– referral link to fun!): They know how to keep a customer. I was getting a little frustrated after my last fix, but this one — she’s a beaut. I opened the box and ohhhh’d and ahhhh’d. (Read about my previous 13 SFs here.)

How’d I get so many pretty, pretty things? When I put notes in for my stylist, I linked to my Pinterest board where I pinned a bunch of shirts from others’ Stitch Fix reviews. My stylist noticed! Yay!


1. Flynn Colorblock Sleeveless Blouse ($54)

Yes! This is the top that I pinned to Pinterest. I’d prefer it be a little more fitted, but I love the navy and bright green together.


2. Randall Scoop Neck Polka Dot Tank ($48)

I don’t wear red (because it make my cheeks look even rosier), but I loved the red along the bottom of this top to add some interest. I also prefer v-necks, but I really love the polka dots. Again, it’s  a a little large and I’d prefer it a bit more fitted.


3. Jace Chevron Print Dress ($68)

You can’t see it, but this dress is kind of heavy and the white part puffs out a little. I felt neutral about it until I put it on. It’s SO COMFORTABLE. I could’ve worn it all night. Yes, it’s not exactly a summer dress, considering its weight, but I could see it getting some use in the fall/winter.


4. Calvin Halter Blouse ($48)

I LOVE THIS. The pattern is so cool and I love that it’s mostly black and white — my favorite combo — but has some color at the bottom. Unfortunately, the arm holes were really large and the top was so loose that it made me look pregnant.


5. Beckett Graphic Print V-Neck Blouse ($48)

I love that it’s another v-neck top, which is my preferred neckline. It’s a little hard to tell, but this top is actually a dark purple with a deep red/pink pattern. Of the group, it was my least favorite top, but I still really like it.

So, what to do? I actually like all five things, but I couldn’t get over how big some of the shirts are. Thankfully, I remembered that Stitch Fix sometimes allows you to exchange sizes, so I emailed to see if I could get all four shirts in a size smaller.

The team got back to me within 24 hours and I’m able to get three of the four in smaller sizes! (They don’t have a smaller size in the Flynn blue and green top, but that one wasn’t that big, especially when paired with skinny jeans and heels.)

One big incentive is the 20% discount for keeping all five items, making the dress basically free if I keep everything. With the discount and my $20 styling fee, it comes out to $40/item, which I think is reasonable. I didn’t have to go to the store and spend a whole afternoon searching and the customer service is great.

For the first time EVER, I am officially keeping ALL FIVE items in my Stitch Fix!

2 Replies to “Review: Stitch Fix #14 (The one after the really bad one)”

  1. So pretty!! They all look like something you’d wear! Good job stylist. Except the dress, which is cool because it looks great on you, but might not be something you would have picked out for yourself. I always gravitate to the same type of clothes, it’d be nice to have someone point out new things for me! Maybe it’s time I give this a try…

    1. DO IT! So fun. And yes, def stuff that’s very much my style, so not crazy adventurous, but happy to have ones that I really like. I’m wearing the blue/green one today!

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