StitchFix #15 (or the one in the office when the wifi was out)


I was planning to post this Stitchfix tonight, but the wifi went down in the office, so why not have a little fashion show? I asked my co-workers for their opinions on each item and also texted them to Steve, because I know you all care about his opinions.

So, which do I keep? What goes back? Help me, Interwebs! (Wanna see preview reviews? Go at it.)

Renee C Frank Split Neck Top $48


This office background is stunning, isn’t it? I guess it helps the color pop. Dana mentioned that it would be perfect in Turks & Caicos, where I happen to be going in 23 days. Marissa thought it would be cute with shorts, which is a look that I love.

Steve: “Looks like a solid outfit for someone who went to Woodstock.”

Le Lis Allysen Mixed Print Knit Top $48


I’m so dizzy. Looking at this top — which was SO soft and fit SO well — felt like staring into a ’50s TV set. I do love the cute polka dot detail on the side.

Steve: “This is like Project Runway meets prison uniform.”

Skies are Blue Becky Cutout Detail Blouse $44



This top has a very cute pattern and I love the green detail, but the cap sleeves and wide neck aren’t really my style. The ladies felt like it didn’t really have any shape, and I have to agree. The cutouts are fun and different.

Steve: “The front looks ok but the back looks like you got in a fight with a grizzly bear.”

Le Lis Ariell Lace Shoulder Blouse $48



Well, it’s clear how I feel about this, right? It has wings! Why? (Becky kindly tried to make a GIF, but I think this is sufficient.)

Steve: “This looks like a zebra collided with some curtains in Grandmom’s house.”

Le Lis Mari 3/4 Mixed Material Knit Top



I’m waffling here. I feel like it’s a little wide on the bottom, but everyone loved it. I can see how it would look cute with black leggings or black shorts. I’m not sure where I’m landing …

Steve: “This reminds of half of an Oreo.”




3 Replies to “StitchFix #15 (or the one in the office when the wifi was out)”

  1. I like the first one the best. The others seemed like they didn’t fit you well or were too boxy in shape. I like black and white, but there was a lot of black and white in this fix.

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