How to find free fitness in Baltimore


A little over a year ago, I strained my soleus while running, which has turned into foot pain, nerve compression and more fun ailments that sent me to my acupuncturist, massage therapist, a podiatrist, two orthopedists, and, finally, to a physical therapist. (Shout out to Sean at Under Armour Performance Center, who is getting me back on track!)

In that time, my physical fitness has really slacked. Running is how I stay in shape — physically and mentally. I struggle with going to gyms and boutique classes because I don’t like being constrained to times and I find that they’re often expensive.

In an effort to get myself back on track while I get ready to run again(!!), I created a Google spreadsheet of all of the free and low-cost fitness opportunities in Baltimore — and I’m trying as many as I can! (Warning: It’s not fancy.) It’s broken up into one-time events and evergreen trials/free classes.

Where am I missing?

Want to join me in trying one?

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