What should I keep from Stitch Fix #2??

I need help!

Remember my first Stitch Fix? I loved the service but wasn’t wowed by my options. After finding that I do wear that $68 cardigan a lot, I decided to give Stitch Fix another try. My second order came on Monday, and I asked for no jewelry, everything under $50, and a dress or two since I’m going to a wedding this weekend. (Please remember to ignore the stupid faces that I make.)

I need help deciding what to keep! Please offer your opinions.

Stitch Fix collage
Rosario dress $58; Colibri tab-sleeve blouse $48; Abrianna knit cardigan $48

The dress is cute, but not quite nice enough for the wedding. I consulted with friends and some are concerned that it’s too short for work. I love the color of the blue top, but it feels long to me. The cardigan is awesome, but I got a cardigan last month so I don’t really need another one.

And just FYI, I nixed the two below:

Lyle polka dot stripe mix sheer tank $58; KWallace cotton beaded detail tank $38
Lyle polka dot stripe mix sheer tank $58; KWallace cotton beaded detail tank $38

The polka dot top was a cute pattern but fit oddly and the tank was a blah color and way too expensive.

So, thoughts? Dress? Blue top? Cardigan? I have to return what I’m not keeping by tomorrow, so let me know!


10 Replies to “What should I keep from Stitch Fix #2??”

  1. They all look fabulous but I love the cardigan that’s my favorite color and it looks good on you!!

  2. Im ur sister so u wont take my consideration, but I like all of them on u except the dress (colors/design) and the polka dot/stripe shirt.

  3. I think the cardigan! The color and fit is perfect on you!! I would honestly nix the other two… you already talked yourself out of the dress and i have a nearly identical blue top from kohl’s (so you can probably find it for half the price)

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