4 tips for acting like a socialite* while maintaining your sanity

Collage credit: Justin Yu, Wit & Wisdom
Collage credit: Justin Yu, Wit & Wisdom

I consider myself someone who loves to be social but also appreciates a good night on the couch. Most weeks, I have 2-3 things going on after work/on the weeks, but I try to balance it with plenty of nights in. Last week, though, I was a crazy busy socialite* with back-to-back events.

On Tuesday, I went to my first Mobbies. On Wednesday, my friend Nicole hosted a fundraiser at Blue Hill Tavern with proceeds going toward the CF Foundation of Maryland. On Thursday, Katharine and I celebrated Wit & Wisdom’s second birthday. On Friday, Steve and I checked out a new cafe in (north) Harbor East, By Degrees. On Saturday, we accompanied his brother, Brian, and Brian’s fiance, Jess, to find suits for their wedding and then joined friends for Friendsgiving. Here are my tips for dealing with a go-go-go week like this**:

  1. Enjoy each event without thinking of the next. If I’d spent all night at the CF fundraiser thinking about what I was going to wear and when I’d be able to get some sleep for the Wit & Wisdom party, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. I focused on the people who were at each event and enjoyed them without thinking about the next.
  2. Try to stay on a semi-regular sleep schedule. I did an okay job with this. Most nights I was definitely in bed later than usual, but there were no crazy 1am bedtimes or anything. Sticking to a normal sleep schedule will help you feel less deprived the next day—and at the next event.
  3. Attempt to eat fairly healthy, too. Alright, this one I failed at a bit. Since I was eating dinner out almost every night (and drinking quite a bit, as well), eating light and drinking tons of water during the day would have helped with the fatigue. (The salted caramel brownies from Charm City Cook were so worth it, though.)  
  4. “Schedule” a do-nothing day. Sunday was glorious. It was freezing cold and I had no desire or reason to leave the house. I did some writing, caught up on blogs, and took a solid three-hour nap. And I have nothing on the schedule for this week, aside from Thanksgiving.

I don’t know how real socialites do it. I follow some people via social media who are out almost every night. It’s exhausting. But, even though I was worn out by Sunday, it was a fantastic week where I met tons of new people and caught up with old friends while recognizing important causes and celebrating milestones.

Do you have tips for weeks where you’re constantly on the go? 

*Sarcasm. Let’s say “socialite” = one being social. 

**Unless you’re 22. In which case, you have youth on your side. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.  

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