Currently loving [Nov. 21 edition]

I feel like there are so many things that I want to post about and my brain can’t narrow in on one thing—so I’ll just post a bunch of things that I’m thinking about/loving right now. Welcome to my brain dump.


I’m joining the Elf 4 Health Challenge! Remember that little running update? Yeah, I’ve been slacking even more. Steve’s half marathon in Philly motivated me for about a day, but this cold/wind/darkness that is the current weather is really bringing me down. I was reading Elle’s blog and saw the Elf 4 Health Challenge that she’s co-running with Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. Read all about it and join me!

Fitbit Dashboard

In that continued effort to not get fat, I’m using a FitBit. My co-worker got her hands on a few and I’m testing the FitBit One right now. I’m kind of obsessed—and depressed. I haven’t been able to break 5K steps in a day yet! You’re supposed to get 10K. Apparently that’s much more difficult to do than I thought. (My most active time yesterday was my walk to my car in the morning. Eek.)

Mobbies V  5th annual Mobbies bash at Creative Alliance

I didn’t win my category in the Mobbies. I did place 5th out of 38 blogs, though, so I was very pleased! If you voted, thank you kindly 🙂 I also decided that all social media events are like online dating. We all follow each other via social sites and then go to one of these events and decide if we want to meet IRL (in real life). I was fortunate enough to meet/see Madeline, Eleni, Becca, Chris, Evan, Will, Kevin (and Christine), and Jaime, Dianne, Brian, Hallie and I all made the homepage of The Baltimore Sun!

Sorry, one more running/fitness thing—this video“Sh*t Runners Say” came out almost a year ago, but I’m just seeing it and it’s awesome. The acting could be better, but the phrases/actions are spot on. Thanks to Kaitlyn for sharing!

And one more video. My company, Medifast, partnered with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults earlier this week to put together care bags for chemo patients and caregivers. Watching the video of a survivor who used Ulman’s services brought me to tears, and I was thrilled to be able to use a little of my time to help assemble bags. ABC2 in Baltimore came to cover it, too!

I’m an information sponge. Anything else that I should be reading/watching/knowing?


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