5 things Friday: Baltimore crime, Australian Day, Tone It Up, half marathons, and hair clips

Credits (clockwise from upper left): BaltimoreSun.com, aqua.org, my fancy iPhone, Tone It Up Facebook page

  1. Baltimore has seen 10 murders in the first nine days of 2014. Sorry to kick off with such a downer, but WTF is wrong with people?? At this rate, we’ll hit 400 murder this year. That is ridiculous. Are people annoyed because it’s cold?
  2. January 26 is Australia Day at the National Aquarium. In good news, you can spend all day on January 26 learning about more than 1,800 native Australian animals including freshwater crocodiles, turtles, birds and lizards in the Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes exhibit. Enjoy feedings of numerous animals, including the crocodiles! (No, don’t enjoy that. It sounds terrifying.)
  3. I’m hooked on Tone It Up. Have you heard of Tone It Up with trainers Katrina and Karena? They’re these adorable California beach girls who created this fitness mecca. They have a new show on Bravo, Toned Up, but I heard about them long ago when Baltimore’s own, Kate, got uber-fit with the program and won a trip to Cali. K&K are just kind of goofy and laid back and make the workouts approachable. I’m not following the plan to a T because I’m half-marathon training, but I’m doing most of the strength workouts.
  4. Oh yeah, I’m running another half marathon. I can’t recall if I posted about this, but I’m signed up for the Charlottesville  half marathon on April 5. Steve is running, as well, so we’ll be making a nice little weekend out of it. Now accepting delicious restaurant recommendations where we can stuff our faces post-race! (And week 1 training is almost in the books. So far, so good.)
  5. How ridiculous is it that I’m wearing a clip thing in my hair today? (See photo below.) I put it in when my hair was drying to hold the curls and I kind of liked the look from the front … but it’s so 1998 from the back. Casual Friday!(?)

photo (3)

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