I have thoughts on America’s sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon

Photo credit: Wikimedia
Photo credit: Wikimedia

Co-workers and I once discussed Reese Witherspoon, the girl who no girl could hate. While most other actresses have at least a flaw or two, Reese is the girl-next-door best friend who we all want to hang out with.

We don’t hate her for her perfect hair, we blame Ryan Phillippe for anything that happened in their relationship (because, let’s be honest — the guy looks shady), and are thrilled for her when her movies do well. She came out post-divorce looking like a total bombshell.

reese witherspoon yellow dress post divorce red shoes
Photo credit: Popsugar

She even looked smitten when she met Princess Kate.

Photo credit: Aceshowbiz.com

A friend, whose name will not be named, told me that Reese is less-than appealing in person and has a bit of an attitude. Could the Southern sweetheart who could do no wrong be a facade? No, that couldn’t be.

Then she got a DUI.

Not only did she get a DUI, but she said some pretty unsavory things to the police when she was under the influence. She used her fame to try to get out of being arrested and threatened the police. But that’s ok. I can forgive one transgression.

Since then, she’s kept it clean. She’s making movies and touting her adorable little baby (questionably named Tennessee). She came out to the MET gala the other night and looked amazing in the Stella McCartney hot pink gown with 40s waves. Reese looked like a movie star.

The next day, videos starting popping up with Reese, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanal and Cara Delevigne post-party in the elevator. All seemed a bit tipsy as they tried to pronounce Delevigne’s last name. Tipsiness is adorable — until some F-bombs are dropped.

(Video posted on Nadia P. Vid‘s YouTube page)

I don’t care AT ALL that Reese is swearing or talking about men whispering into women’s pillows. I find it endearing when celebs are real, like Jennifer Lawrence is on a regular basis. But that’s the thing — J. Law acts that way all the time. She doesn’t pretend to be any other way. So Reese, let’s drop the act and just be who you are. You’re adorable either way.

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