Review: Fuel your better with Vega Sport


This post is sponsored by Vega Sport, but these opinions are all mine.

Vega Sport is all about fueling your better with its line of products to prepare you to workout, sustain the workout, and recover. I was excited to try the Chocolate Mint protein bar because I love Thin Mints. They’re made with 15g of plant-based protein, which is great for when I finish my long runs. 

I’m not very good at waiting to try things, so I immediately tore into one of the bars on my drive home from work. They’re chewy with a delicious thin layer of chocolate. The bars are dense, so even though they’re higher in calories than I prefer, they definitely kept me full. 

I did manage to save a few to eat after long runs, and I find myself craving them. During a long run, I tell myself, “One more mile to get to the chocolate mint bars … ” Yep, they taste that good. (I may be eating one right now as I’m typing this … )

Check out Vega Sport’s performance nutrition plan page to create your own plan based on your preferences and workouts. Here is my half-marathon plan:

Performance Nutrition Plan   Vega Sport

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