Capping off 30 things in my 30th year


Earlier this year, I share 30 things that I wanted to accomplish in my 30th year and an update in August.Technically, I still have 2.5 months left of my 30th year, but I prefer to focus on goals by year. Here’s how the year went:


  • Pick up 1-2 new freelance opportunities [I was doing a little freelance, but my new job takes up so much time that I haven’t been able to add anything.]
  • Post to blog 2x/week+ [Oops.]
  • Write at least one post that’s published on Medium [I have a thought for a post but haven’t fully formulated it yet.]
  • Make a conscious effort to keep complaints minimal [I’ve been pretty pumped at the new gig, so I think I’m doing well with complaining.]
  • Get back in People 1/2 Size issue [DONE! Not only was a Medifast success in a special People update issue, but another who I worked with is featured in the current 1/2 Size issue!]



  • Achieve and maintain at least four months’ of spending in savings [So, so close. I’m calling it a win.]
  • Increase 401K contribution to X% [DONE!]
  • Increase monthly student loan payments X% [Negative. Accepted that this is a forever debt.]
  • Increase earned:spend amount x% by EOY [I’m not sure what I meant by this. I know what the percentage is, but I’m not sure what I really meant by it …]



  • Run another sub 2-hr half marathon [DID IT! I didn’t end up running one in November but am looking at spring races.]
  • Do cross-training at least 1x/wk (yoga, interval workout, etc. [I was pretty good with yoga and was adding a little strength with monthly challenges, but winter + the new job really derailed me.]
  • Hold a 2-min plank to increase upper-body strength [Ugh, back down to like 45 seconds.]



  • Scale back on refined sugar. Swap one item w/refined sugar for something else each week [Aw, man. Really for next year!]
  • Lose and maintain X lbs [Let’s say that getting back in shape is a 2015 goal.]
  • Continue to buy/make all-natural cleaning products [Yes! Doing pretty well with this.]
  • Take daily vitamins [Um.]



  • Get involved with neighborhood association, park activities, etc. [We’ve done a few things throughout the year. And we made neighbor friends!]
  • Volunteer: BARCS, CFFMD [Unfortunately, BARCS took a back seat because we’re rarely available on weekends, but I helped Katharine raise more than $17K for CFFMD!]
  • Make a conscious effort to do one kind thing each day [I hope I’m doing this naturally.]
  • Take advantage of living in the city (visit sites, go to events, etc) [Trying to as much as possible! Especially the free things, like yoga and concerts.]
  • Try at least six new restaurants outside of Fed Hill [Done! A new job in Canton helps a lot.]



  • Revive the date night at least 1x/month. Let Steve plan one, one must be to the movies [Really need to focus on this.]
  • Find an excellent, moisturizing under-eye concealer [The best I’ve found is Maybelline Age Eraser.]
  • Start using more secure passwords [Yes! I’m employing the method that helps me achieve something.]
  • Read at least eight books [I finally finished The Goldfinch and then read three others. I think that puts me at 8 for the year.]
  • Plan an awesome joint 30th birthday vacation with SMB [DONE! Barbados was AMAZING.]
  • Learn to cook three new dishes so that I’m not just known for my spaghetti [Yeah, about that …]
  • Learn to cook with three spices that I don’t normally use [See above.]
  • Test at least one Pinterest pin per month; blog process and results [I did two, so that counts, right?]
  • Buy based on quality, not based on sales/quantity [I’m definitely working on this one.]

I’d give myself a C+ overall. Not the best, but some of the more important things were covered. Now, to work on 2015.

2 Replies to “Capping off 30 things in my 30th year”

  1. Good work! I did my recap and ended with 11/17 completed. I felt good about that until I did the mat and realized that’s 65%, so basically a D! Time to move on to 2015 and hope I do better next year…

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