I wanted to accomplish 30 things in my 30th year. Here’s how that’s going.


Way back when 2014 was in its infancy, I shared 30 things that I wanted to accomplish in my 30th year. Since we’re into August, I thought this would be a good time to take stock in that list. Here we go …


  • Pick up 1-2 new freelance opportunities [I’m occasionally writing for I Hate JJ Reddick and may be adding another blog soon.]
  • Post to blog 2x/week+ [I’m trying, guys!]
  • Write at least one post that’s published on Medium [Haven’t had the guts—or a topic—yet. I did encourage someone to write a post for Medium, and it’s awesome.]
  • Make a conscious effort to keep complaints minimal [I’ve been trying. Not sure that I’m succeeding.]
  • Get back in People 1/2 Size issue [DONE! A Medifast success was in the April recap of past stories. The title? “Diets that Work.” BOOM. Working on 2015 now.]



  • Achieve and maintain at least four months’ of spending in savings [I’m around three months’ worth right now.]
  • Increase 401K contribution to X% [Did that!]
  • Increase monthly student loan payments X% [Probably won’t happen this year. Was a bit ambitious.]
  • Increase earned:spend amount x% by EOY [Well, that was ambitious, too. I really thought this was a big year, huh?]



  • Run another sub 2-hr half marathon [DID IT!! SO proud of this one. Hoping to have another in November!]
  • Do cross-training at least 1x/wk (yoga, interval workout, etc. [I’ve been pretty good with yoga and have been adding a little strength with monthly challenges.]
  • Hold a 2-min plank to increase upper-body strength [I can do about 1 min right now.]



  • Scale back on refined sugar. Swap one item w/refined sugar for something else each week [Oh. Apparently I wasn’t done being ambitious.]
  • Lose and maintain X lbs [I’ve lost about 10% of what I hope to lose.]
  • Continue to buy/make all-natural cleaning products [I’ve been pretty good with this. Just swapped my face products for natural ones and buy mostly natural cleaning products.]
  • Take daily vitamins [Next!]



  • Get involved with neighborhood association, park activities, etc. [We’ve been going to activities in the park but need to get to more neighborhood meetings.]
  • Volunteer: BARCS, CFFMD [Unfortunately, BARCS took a back seat because we’re rarely available on weekends, but I’m excited to raise $$$ for CFFMD for Katharine’s 30th! Tune in next week for details.]
  • Make a conscious effort to do one kind thing each day [I hope I’m doing this naturally.]
  • Take advantage of living in the city (visit sites, go to events, etc) [Trying to as much as possible! Especially the free things, like yoga and concerts.]
  • Try at least six new restaurants outside of Fed Hill [Hmmm. I think I’ve failed on this.]



  • Revive the date night at least 1x/month
    • Let Steve plan one, one must be to the movies [Oh, we need to do this!]
  • Find an excellent, moisturizing under-eye concealer [Nope, still taking suggestions.]
  • Start using more secure passwords [Definitely doing this, and am employing the method that helps me achieve something.]
  • Read at least eight books [Look, I’ve been trying to get through The Goldfinch for months. That has to count for like, four books.]
  • Plan an awesome joint 30th birthday vacation with SMB [DONE! See you in 58 days, Barbados!]
  • Learn to cook three new dishes so that I’m not just known for my spaghetti [Yeah, about that …]
  • Learn to cook with three spices that I don’t normally use [See above.]
  • Test at least one Pinterest pin per month; blog process and results [I did two, so that counts, right? Two in six months … ]
  • Buy based on quality, not based on sales/quantity [I’ve started doing this with shoes—love my Cole Haans with Nike Air technology!—and am working on clothes.]

So, in some areas, I’m doing really well. In others, not so much. It’s a mixed bag, but I have some good bullets to focus on for the next 24 weeks!

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