30 days to 31: WTF happened to my metabolism?!?


Dear friends, welcome to keeping me accountable.

I’ve slipped. I’ve stopped paying attention to what I’m eating, I’ve stopped working out, I work long hours at a new job. I grab the amazing Kinderhook cookies as soon as they enter the office on Friday afternoons.


Yeah, I’ve been doing ClassPass, but I’ll be honest — I don’t like classes. (More on that to come.) The cold makes me want to hibernate, not run or eat healthy.

My jeans? SNUG. My shirts? A little tight. My self-esteem? It’s been better.

I turn 31 in 30 days and I feel like my metabolism has quit me. I know that’s not the truth — I quit on it. I need a reboot.

If you’re interested, follow me over the next 30 days to see if I can do it. Cheer me, taught me, whatever. Or ignore it. I’ll be here either way, trying not to eat ALL THE FOOD.



7 Replies to “30 days to 31: WTF happened to my metabolism?!?”

      1. There’s a 30 day groupon I just bought and I live a block away so text me too!!

  1. I will be 31 in 35 days and I feel ya! I have to drive PAST my house to get to my gym…when it’s cold it just doesn’t happen! 🙂

  2. I turned 31 37 days ago. It gets harder, which means you work harder. But 30’s are so much better than 20’s… you know life is always give and take! You’re a rock star, you can do it 🙂

    1. Happy belated! I love my 30s, but it gets so much harder to lose the weight (and much easier to gain it). I refuse to buy new clothes, so gotta get back in gear!

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