I finally got on the Mason jar salad bandwagon

Mason jar salad

You’ve probably seen Mason jar salads floating around Pinterest for, you know, years, but I finally got around to making one.

And my life hasn’t been the same.

These are amazing! Everything stays so fresh, including avocados. I left one in the fridge for two days and the avocados? STILL GREEN. No air gets in there.

I also learned that the layering is important. You need some “hard” ingredients — things that won’t suck up the dressing at the bottom. Here’s what I tend to work with:

Mason jar salad

The cabbage and chickpeas go on the bottom, on top of the dressing.

Mason jar salad

(I love that my Mason jar says ‘perfection.’)


After the chickpeas and cabbage, I layered in the quinoa and mushrooms, then the kale and cucumbers.


When you’re ready to eat it, turn it upside down and let the dressing mix it. (I used able 2 tablespoons, which was plenty.) Shake it up and pour it out. Voila!





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