Cupping: Yep, I tried it

Chinese cupping massage

I’ve been getting monthly massages and I get to choose an add-on, like aromatherapy. My masseuse mentioned cupping and I thought, “What the hell?” I love acupuncture, so I figured this would be worth trying. Here’s some info:


My masseuse uses vacuum cups, which attached to the skin and the air is vacuumed out to create suction. After they sit for a little, she moves them around to loosen the muscles and release toxins. **GRAPHIC PIC BELOW**

chinese cupping

That’s not me, for the record. See where it’s really dark? That means there’s a lot of stagnation and toxins in that area. Lighter = less.

Here’s a great video that explains cupping and shows how it’s done:

My masseuse doesn’t use fire, but I’m totally open to it. There’s a light pressure and suction feeling, but it doesn’t hurt at all. The purple is deceptive; there’s NO bruising. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Here’s my back after a recent session:


You can see that the right side is darker, especially down toward the bottom. (I don’t have definitive circles because she moves them to massage.) I love it and have had two more sessions with it.

Note: If you’re going to try cupping, remember to warn your significant other! Steve was a little shocked, to say the least.

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