StitchFix #16 (or the one where they didn’t listen to anything I asked)


Another day, another StitchFix (technically, it’s two words — Stitch Fix — but pretty sure everyone under the sun spells it as one word). After the last one and sending back the shirt because it had a hole, I was feeling pessimistic but decided to give SF another chance. (Maybe I’m a masochist?)

I asked for: 1-2 dresses for summer weddings, short-sleeve or sleeveless tops, mostly solid colors (no red, orange, or yellow), and all V- or U-neck (crew neck is not flattering on me). Here’s what I received:

PIXLEY Pestova Knot Back Top ($44)

StitchFix review

Well. This is a pattern — and a very busy one, at that. It’s an odd fit, too; the sides expose bra and it’s a little short in the front.

Steve: “Why do they keep sending you shirts that look like you’re going to Woodstock?”

PAPERMOON Neptune Racerback Top ($38)

StitchFix review

Another pattern. I do like this one, and the back is a cute racerback with a solid blue section. (I didn’t show it because I had massive cupping marks.) I guess it’s kind of U-neck, but I don’t love the cut or the pattern.

Steve: “This might be the only thing I’ve ever liked.” WHAT!?

41 HAWTHORN Arlinda Textured Dress ($68)

StitchFix review

You can’t really tell, but this is black with a dark purple pattern. I’m okay with a pattern on the dress, but this is very dark for summer weddings. It’s cute, but not sure if it’s cute enough.

Steve: “PURPLE RAIN, PURPLE RAAAAAAAAAIN!” (I’m laughing because he was singing.)


StitchFix review

My eyes are dizzy just looking at this. #1 – Pattern. #2 – Heavy, not summery. #3 – Not really nice enough for a wedding. #4 – Crew neck!

Steve: “Why do they also keep sending you stuff that looks like you’re a zebra or in prison? I don’t get it.”

DOE & RAE Aliza Knit Textured Dress ($68)

StitchFix review


I think Steve mumbled something along the lines of LL Bean making this.

Guys. This sucks. I’ve loved SF SO MUCH, but these last two Fixes make it hard to not pull the plug. What say you?

13 Replies to “StitchFix #16 (or the one where they didn’t listen to anything I asked)”

  1. I had to cancel, they were ignoring my feedback entirely. None of the tops they sent me were ever work appropriate (or they sent brown and navy which I said I don’t wear.) It’s unfortunate because it’s such a good idea.
    Look at Trunk Club, I haven’t tried it but I heard good things.

      1. I’ve tried Trunk Club and really liked it! All of the clothes come from Nordstrom so it can get pricy. But I really liked what they sent!

      2. I looked into it and they say $100-200 for a top — eek! That’s a little more than I’m willing to spend. When I told the stylist like $75 and I only wanted dresses and tops, she said, “I don’t think this is the service for you.” Um, ok.

      3. I’ve tried Trunk Club and really liked it! All the clothes come from Nordstrom so it can get pricy but I liked what they sent.

      4. I got the same response from my Trunk Club stylist. I told her I was fine spending more if she could help me find a few staples, specifically a black blazer and a great pair of jeans. Twice I was sent Navy blazers and colored denim. Had to cancel – was not a fan at all. I’ve actually been doing Le Tote and like it a lot so far!

  2. I’ve put my stitch fix on hold because I wasn’t getting what I asked for. I guess that it is not time yet to activate it. Btw- I think that the purple and black dress looks great on you and I’d wear it to a wedding if it wasn’t an outdoor event.

    1. I’ve left such detailed notes and it’s almost as if they’re being ignored. I did like the purple and black the most, but felt it was a little too dark for a summer wedding.

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